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Private Events

The Bee's Knees offers a variety of packages to fit your needs. 

Please also reach out for parties larger than OpenTable's maximum reservation size, or if you want a private room!


  1. Honey (Upstairs) Lounge & Bar:

    1. Full bar & Partial Buyouts

  2. Patio-deck  (Upstairs)

    1. Can be combined with Honey Lounge​

  3. Downstairs semi-private sections

  4. Downstairs Full-buyout

  5. Restaurant Full-buyout


  • What are my dinner options?

    1. Á la carte

    2. Event menu to match to your special occasion!

  • Do you offer cocktail only packages?

    • Yes! We offer cocktail party packages!​

  • To reach the minimum spend, can my guests all pay separately?

    • Via our Guest Portal, Bee's Knees requires the party's host provide payment information! Contracts and agreements are handled there for convenience -- we allow the final bill to be split among 2 credit cards.

  • May I bring a cake for birthday?​

    • Bee's Knees allows outside cake! We waive the fee for private events.​

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